My company encouraged us to use . Seeing my colleagues come up with initiatives around this inspired me to make my own checklist of things i have done or will hope to do to make my household more sustainable.

  1. Install Smart Vents so my heater / ac doesn’t heat/cool empty…

The solution is built using Route53 routing policies, regional API Gateways, Multi AZ EC2s, RabbitMQ and AWS MySQL Aurora databases

We can all agree that resiliency and reliability are of huge importance when designing and building a service. At my current organization, our REST APIs are used to onboard IoT devices and help these devices stay connected to the WiFi. …


We have a service that post processes IoT device logs and derives intelligence that is then fed back into our backend system to make it better. The intelligence is stored into MongoDb. The system is built on NodeJS and is running on AWS. The logs are sent to the…

Scaling is hard, period.

Most of the time we are tasked with scaling a mature application that was built a few years ago. The design assumptions that were made at that time to facilitate fast feature rollout are not valid anymore and most of the time hinder scale and performance…

Its been about 6 months since i started my adventure at @cirrent and i wanted to take a moment to jot down the tools and utilities i use that make my life so much more easier and productive.

In no particular order:

This is like inter-team messaging on steroids.


We’re going through the process of adding a new api version (v2). The tricky part is that this new api version includes a refactor of our existing database schema, which means breaking changes to our old api version (v1).

Here’s how we’re approaching this.


- We want to maintain…

Taken from Spotify’s

A solid engineering culture can do wonders for your team’s creativity and productivity. We’ve recently gone through the steps of improving our culture to be a more fun, “lets figure this out together” kind of culture. Its great to see the team buzzing and enjoying solving…

We were recently having a discussion around what the landing/login page of should look like. The argument was that by not giving enough information, majority of the visitor would tend to drop off instead of signing up.

There are 2 schools of thought around this:

  1. Have an open book…

Recently i came across an interesting scenario.

  • User holds the app in landscape mode
  • Performs an action that kicks off an async task (the task upon completion displays a notification to the user)
  • Before the task completed, the user changes the orientation to portrait mode.
  • I would expect the background…

Originally published at on February 27, 2013.

Roshan Paiva

Engineering at @atlassian. Previously @cirrent and @docusign. @uclcs alumnus, budding photographer, sports enthusiast. Love solving problems

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